Excalibur Film Subtitrat in Romana Online

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Excalibur Film Subtitrat in Romana Online
Excalibur Excalibur 7.1 / 10 by 244 Les utilisateurs
Eliberarea : 1981-04-10
Genre: Fantasy
Actors :
Forged by a god. Foretold by a wizard. Found by a king. The myth of King Arthur brought to the screen Uthur Pendragon is given the mystical sword Excalibur by Merlyn At his death Uthur buries the sword into a stone and the next man that can pull it out will be King of England Years later Arthur Uthur s bastard son draws Excalibur and becomes king Arthur s evil half sister Morgana sires a son with him who may prove his downfallExcalibur si una dintre cele mai bune filme din 1981 Excalibur Actorul Ca Un Semn De Fantasy sex iubitorii de note bune 7.1

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